Liber Novae Revolutionis

(The Book of the Turning) being: THE MANIFESTO OF FREE THELEMITES
(an allegory to Liber OZ)

000. The technical and ecclesiatical writings of Aliester Crowley comprise the 'holy writ' of Thelema. As such all these writings should enjoy the protection of public domain as any other body of religious text would. Any group which attempts to maintain a hegemony or monopoly on the Prophet's writings should be considered apostate by all free Thelemites.

00. The only clear guide to an outer thelemic orthodoxy is the the Pure Canon of the Thirteen Class 'A' Holy Books of Thelema.

0. No group has the moral right to enforce upon its members, by coercion or compact, any other Classified material (B,C,D, etc.) as an orthodoxy, though it be written by the prophet himself.

1. Thelema is not the property of any order. Nor are any portion of the Prophets writings, regardless of any mundane litigation which cedes the contrary. Thelema is the equal property of all Thelemites and so is the entirety of the Prophet's writings. Any mounted litigation which would curtail the free exchange of this information is heretical.

2. When an orthodox group presumes that it has a right to such propriety it must be defeated at all costs. Any movements by such groups to secure such propriety by their adminstrators, officers and their adjutants should be resisted by any means neccessary.

3. There are only the Three Grades, the Hermit, the Lover and the Man of Earth; there are only the nine natural degrees as proscribed in Liber AL Chap 3 v 50. (each may be given in three ways). Any other degrees and rites pertaining thereto are synthetic.

4. It was the intention of the Master Therion that the totality of all Magick lore that he knew to be freely transmitted in his writings. In the Equinox he states flaty that anyone in posession of all ten volumes had the totality of his cirriculum and could forge a Link with the Inner Order alone and without the need or aid of an outer school.

5. Any group or order working in his name or in the name of Thelema must serve this end.

6. The only real secrecy that exists in this day and age is that knowledge which eludes the ignorant.

7. Intitation should be based upon personal merit and ability and no other reason.

8. When a group militates against the deductive faculty of the gifted individual and their true findings for the sake of animosity or personal predjudice, it becomes effectively defunct at that moment.

u 9. No Thelemic Order, or an officer thereof, has any moral right to silence or censure a brother or sister who reproduces and/or comments in any medium upon any of the Prophet's writings or upon his/her expoused view of Thelema in any way. Be it suppoeted or critical, or be it any technical treatise by Crowley or the Book of the Law itself. This would include any functional knowledge pertaining to sex magick, and ANY document authored by the Prophet which pertains to the theory and practice of sex magick. (Liber 414, Liber 100, Liber 367, Liber IAO, Liber 24 etc.)

10. Whenever successful resistance of these freedoms is executed by a group or order it is the duty of all free Thelemites to commit the following acts.

> a. Circulate this technology openly when able in secret beyond the boundaries of imagined authority.
b. Conduct clandestine initiations to the willing using said documents.
c. To paraphrase these aforementioned documents and publish them in written form
and in any other form of mass media.
d. To found and operate other Thelemic orgs who will do all of the above in an organized fashion.
e. And, to educate potential new candidates in any matters relating to these issues.

11. In the Constitution of the OTO, Crowley states that two members of the Ninth Degree are appointed to the office of Revolutionary ( Liber 194; Article 25 & 26.). The ideology of these articles should apply to all to all Thelemites regardless of their rank and status in an order or in the Movement. When it is seen that collusion, oppression or omission has mitigated or nullified the function and spirit of this office, it is the duty of all Free Thelemites to take up the Banner of Revolution.

Revolutio Ago Neccessitus.


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